G-Friend greets fans with youthful group video teaser

On January 6th, upcoming girl group G-Friend built up excitement for their debut with a group video teaser to greet fans.

The girls displayed their angelic and innocent charms in various individual and group image teasers. Still staying to that young, cheerful concept, G-Friend members don cap-sleeved white outfits and skirts to greet fans before debut.

Running together in a white open space, the G-Friend girls are all smiles as they wave to the camera. Their simple make up and hair match the simplicity of their outfits. With this theme, viewers can truly focus on the adorable smiles and personalities as shown in this short 34-second clip.

The slow unveiling of various image and photo teasers has caught netizen attention particularly with the visuals of member SinB and vocals of Yuju. Commenters have pointed out a resemblance between SinB and former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung. Videos of Yuju’s vocal training sessions have also been revisited.

The group will officially debut on January 15th so stay tuned for more details!

Check out their video teaser and Yuju’s vocals here: