G-Friend Nails Live Performance Effortlessly Despite Downpour During Concert

Rookie girl group G-Friend proved to be true professionals yet again after performing in the pouring rain once more. 

Despite the visible downpour drenching the girls on stage, the group didn’t seem to have been hindered by the rain at all, flawlessly pulling off the choreography for their latest hit “Rough” as adoring fans cheered them on. Although they were thoroughly soaked by the storm, fans praised the girls for keeping their bright smiles on stage and performing to their fullest extent.

Although their latest rainy performance hasn’t received nearly as much attention as their previous one, the girls appeared to appreciate the cheers of love and support they were receiving from fans during their set.

Check out the viral fancam of G-Friend’s slippery performance of their song “Me Gustas Tu,” which has quickly become one of the most popular fancam videos of all time: