G-Friend releases debut MV teaser for “Glass Bead”

On January 13th, Source Music Entertainment’s upcoming girl group G-Friend released a short video teaser for the music video for their debut track “Glass Bead.”

After releasing a group video teaser to greet fans and a few image teasers for their debut mini-album, Seasons of Glass, the group released a short 35-second music video teaser.

The video firmly established the group’s school girl concept for their debut album with scenes set in a school gym as well as a classroom. In the short teaser, the girls can be seen cheering each other on, having fun in class, and eating together during lunch time. The video also featured part of the dance for G-Friend’s “Glass Bead,” and showed their impressive synchronization and athleticism.

As the short scenes played out, a clip from the title track “Glass Bead” also played in the background. While the video highlighted the strength of the group and their friendship, the track also relied on the unity of the girls’ voices, and also featured some strong vocals.

“Glass Bead” is set to be released on January 15th.

Make sure to check out the music video teaser for G-Friend’s “Glass Bead” below!