G-Friend releases visual training version of dance practice for “Glass Bead”

On January 20th, rookie girl group G-Friend released a visual training version of their dance practice music video for their debut track “Glass Bead.” 

The video, which is split into six screens focusing on each individual member, really serves to show how synchronized the group is during the performance of their song, as every member appears to be doing the same motions at the same time.

As the initial chorus for the track ended, five of the six screens turned into black and white, as the remaining full-color screen indicated the members’ solo during the track and encouraged viewers to focus on the specific member. This unique concept not only makes it easier for viewers to distinguish which members have solo parts in different parts of the song, but also serves to show the even distribution of parts throughout the track as well.

The visual training version dance practice is definitely an interesting concept and will help fans familiarize themselves with the rookie group! Make sure to check out the video below!