Fans praise G-Friend for professionalism despite ineffective safety shorts

To prevent indecent exposure while performing on stage, many girl groups have implemented the use of safety shorts or skirts underneath their stage outfits. 

And while the garment has proved quite effective in many cases, fans pointed out that they’ve seemed to malfunctioned for rookie girl group G-Friend during a recent performance. Although it’s clear that the G-Friend members are using safety shorts of some sort underneath their skirts, videos from their recent performances in April and June appear to show that members SinB and Eunha’s safety shorts behaving not how they’re supposed to. Despite the malfunctioning garments, however, the girls remained professional and continued to flawlessly perform their choreography, garnering much praise from fans.

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G-Friend is set to release their summer comeback soon, going up against top girl groups such as Wonder GirlsSISTAR, and 2NE1. While anticipating their next release, check out the girls’ latest music video for their hit song “Rough” below: