G-Friend’s SinB under fire for disrespectful facial expressions

Rookie girl group G-Friend recently made their much-anticipated comeback with their new song “NAVILLERA.” 

And while the group’s latest track has received a lot of positive reactions from fans, group member SinB has come under fire for her alleged behavior and attitude problems during their comeback showcase. After the group clarified bullying rumors that were spread regarding members SinB and Umji, netizens pointed out that the real problem was in SinB’s facial expressions, which many have referred to as “rotten.” In fact, even some netizens who admitted to be fans of SinB and her group G-Friend have admitted that SinB really needs to work on looking more respectful while she’s at events and schedules.


Source: Herald Pop

Check out the music video for G-Friend’s latest track “NAVILLERA” below: