G-Friend’s Yerin criticised for ruining fan’s gift in front of her face

After a strong wave of positive support following their viral video, G-Friend member Yerin is under criticism after paying no respect to a fan’s gift. 

On September 18th, a thread originally started on Pann became a hot topic after it detailed Yerin’s alleged vandalism over a fan gift. The post contained images from a fan narrating the story of handing Yerin a Pikachu plushie from Japan. Although the fan emphasised that it was okay for Yerin to scribble on to the gift, netizens reacted differently to the act, accusing the singer of disrespect.

On the post, a number of netizens reacted as to how Yerin failed to appreciate the gift after the fan explained that the gift was bought from Japan, costing at least $200-300.

The new wave of criticisms came after G-Friend received love from the public following their “Me Gustas Tu” viral fan cam.

Image: Pann

Image: Pann

[+ 460, – 19] Even if the fan said that it was okay do you really think the fan felt okay? I read what the fan wrote after the event and she said she was extremely surprised when she saw Yerin had drawn all over it. Imaging you had bought an expensive, hard to find gift from Japan for your friend and your friend ruined it in 10 minutes. How would you feel?

[+ 422, – 15] Even between close friends it’s wrong to ruin someone’s gift. Especially when the gift was hard to acquire and not cheap but a 2~300 gift. She was wrong to draw things on it. It’s a doll and now that it’s ruined it’s going to go to waste…her attitude was not that of a grateful person at all.

[+ 422, – 21] Wow how could she ruin it like that when it’s a gift from a fan..

Source: Pann