Ga In and Dok2 coolly pose alongside a white Lamborghini

As the date of her solo comeback with her 4th mini-album hawwah nears, Ga In and Dok2 share a photo of themselves coolly posing alongside a white Lamborghini.

The photo was shared through Ga In’s official Facebook page on March 5th and read, “Dok2 opened the lid (door) due to Ga In.” In the image, Ga In is hunched down as she rests her chin on her hand, her elbow on her knee with sunglasses decorating her face and a hat on her head, while Dok2 looks on with hands in his laps as he stands against the car whose doors are opened wide.

The white Lamborghini has once been spotted as part of Dok2’s car collection, in which he shared on Instagram two months ago.

Meanwhile, Ga In and Dok2 will be collaborating in her upcoming mini-album release for the track “Free Will,” set to be released on March 12th at midnight. She is also set to collaborate with Jay Park in “Apple,” while Wheesung and Mad Clown contributed as lyricists.

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Source: 10Asia