[★VIDEO] Gary asks Song Ji Hyo to be a couple for one month on “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo revealed to viewers and her fellow members on the latest episode of SBS’s Running Man that Gary has asked to be a couple for a month.

The episode aired on December 28th, where the cast of Running Man sat down to recall all the good memories they had during 2014.

Song Ji Hyo was asked, “What does 2014 mean to Song Ji Hyo?” However, Gary was quick to answer for her and said, “Me?” arousing laughter all around them.

The actress followed up, revealing, “Gary was sincerely talking to me earlier. He said we should date for a month for the show.” After her confession, the remaining Running Man members were quick to give their support, saying, “That doesn’t sound bad,” and “That’s just a start.”

Source: Newsen

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