Gavy NJ releases teaser for “Ju Ju Ju” ft. Hipjob

Female pop ballad trio Gavy NJ recently released a short video teaser for their newest song “Ju Ju Ju,” featuring Hip Job

The 30 second teaser features a male and a female character who appear to have a rather complex relationship. While the the male character is seen smiling and laughing throughout the teaser, the female character can be seen in several different states of emotion.

The video begins with the woman walking backwards on an overpass. On further inspection, however, the clip appears to be playing backwards, as cars are also moving in reverse. The woman appears distraught, with a worried look on her face. The video also flashes to other emotional scenes, including one with water going back up a teapot.

The mysterious teaser for “Ju Ju Ju” is definitely intriguing, and the group’s powerful vocals only add to the anticipation of the track. Make sure to check out the music video teaser below and look out for its release on April 20th.