Gavy NJ says “Ju Ju Ju” in new MV ft. Hip Job

After releasing a short and mysterious video teaser for their newest track, female pop ballad trio Gavy NJ released the full music video for “Ju Ju Ju.”

Following a female character after her break-up with her boyfriend, “Ju Ju Ju” describes the feelings of loneliness and reminiscence that accompany lingering feelings.

The trio truly shows off their vocal chemistry, with rapper duo Hip Job adding to the unique flair of the song with an impeccable flow. The song is described as a “minimal medium R&B track, featuring a beautiful EP melody and a string quartet arrangement. In addition, the rap by a new hip hop duo Hip Job of Goodfellas brings the song to perfection.

Make sure to check out Gavy NJ’s latest track “Ju Ju Ju” below!