GD x Taeyang shares video teaser to upcoming collaboration, “Good Boy”

With less than a day remaining until the release of their first unit single, “Good Boy,” G-Dragon and Taeyang have exclusively shared a short music video to fans via their Instagram accounts on November 20th.

The short teaser has already excited fans as the artists’ vocals sing out, “Put your hands in the air. How you feeling over there. Bring the party over here. I am a good boy,” a groovy and addicting beat playing.

The duo exit a car that has just pulled up as the camera pans into focus, with Taeyang at the wheel, females sitting calmly in the backseat.

Fans who have seen the teaser have voiced out their anticipation with, “I’m so excited,” “Since when [are] daddy and leader being a good boy?”, “Can wait for this…love you..GDYB.”

The music video and single for YG Entertainment‘s first hip-hop unit project GD x Taeyang will be released on November 21st at midnight KST.

GD X TAEYANG #goodboy yes it is #teaser

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