GD x Taeyang’s throwback selfies revealed

Put your seatbelts on, and get ready for a trip down memory’s lane, featuring our very own Hallyu Wave icons G-Dragon and Taeyang!

When the term “K-pop BFFL’s” pops up, the first friendship that pops up 99% of the time is the good old GDYB couple of ancient K-pop folklore. The two are notorious for their 14-year-ling friendship that has only continued to strengthen throughout their Big Bang promotions, and they have continued to further create fuzzy feelings within fans by uploading a never-before-seen photo from their younger days on GD’s Instagram!

The photo was uploaded on  December 12th, featuring four black and white webcam shots of the current world stars. Their early-on strong friendship are clearly portrayed in the photos, where the two can be seen posing playfully with each other, pretending to bite each other, and just being playfully carefree. Another point worth mentioning are their classic funky hairstyles, with Taeyang sporting a style that does not include a mohawk or corn rolls! In fact, it seems to be GD who is rocking the dreadlock kind of vibe in the collage. However, it is truly their bright smiles that are the show stoppers in the Instagram post, as they look like they were truly having plain old fun with each other.

GD and Taeyang’s ever-growing friendship has resulted in many wonderful things, one being the creation of mega boy band Big bang, and another more recent one being the immensely successful debut of their sub-unit GD x Taeyang. Together, their song “Good Boy” has achieved spots on Billboard‘s “20 Best K-pop Songs of 2014”, Fuse TV‘s “41 Best Songs of 2014” and has 10 million views on their music video.