Gemini lends her voice for “Birth of a Beauty” OST

Gemini is the next musical artist to lend her voice for Birth of a Beauty with her OST, “Only You Didn’t Know.”On November 10th, KT Music revealed Gemini’s video for her OST “Only You Didn’t Know.” Her voice weaves throughout the video, as morose scenes from SBS‘s weekend drama Birth of a Beauty playHer strong vocal cords only emphasize the raw heartbreaking emotion felt in this song. This track is an R&B song which will be played during sorrowful scenes in the drama.

There is much to anticipate from Birth of a Beauty as Han Yeseul returns to the scene after her 3 year acting hiatus. Directed by Lee Changmin and written by Yoon Youngmi, Birth of a Beauty revolves around the story of Sa Geumran, played by Ha Jaesook, who is an overweight, kindhearted character. When she finds out her husband of 7 years, Lee Kangjoon, played by Jung Gyuwoon, was in an affair with his coworker Gyo Chaeyeon, played by Wang Jihye, Sa Geumran becomes overcome with grief and, distracted, accidentally drives her car off a cliff. Now, with everyone thinking she has passed away, determined Sa Geumran decides to plot her revenge by undergoing a full body transformation with plastic surgery, and changes her name to Sara, played by Han Yeseul.

Previously, SHINee‘s Jonghyun sang for this drama, with “She.”