Get into the Christmas mood with Yeo Hee’s “This Christmas” video cover with Schroeder-Headz & Yu Suto!

Less than two weeks remain until Christmas, and Yeo Hee is getting you in the mood for the holidays with her latest cover video of “This Christmas” with Schroeder-Headz and Yu Suto.

Preparing herself with a little “Jingle Bell Rock” tune and practicing her vocals for her upcoming cover, cute moments of Yeo Hee is caught on video.

Yeo Hee’s sweet and clear vocals will fill you with Christmas cheers as she begins to sing “This Christmas,” mixing a little “Jingle Bell Rock” lyrics into the intro. Donning a Santa hat, her microphone extension decorated with holiday accessories, even her band partners get into the mood with a Rudolph hat and reindeer, blond wig with antlers.

This is certainly a song you’ll have playing on Christmas Day, so check it out below!