GFRIEND’s Yerin accidentally lifts up her shirt during livestream

During a recent livestream for their comeback, GFRIEND’s Yerin narrowly escaped a wardrobe malfunction.

GFRIEND hosted a livestream with Buddies to talk about their new album Parallel and title track “Love Whisper.”

The girls introduced each song in the album and talked about how they felt about the album. 

But when they got to the song “Red Umbrella,” Umji stopped to talk about how much she loved the song. 

She was specifically fond of one part of the lyrics

“The words that were then said shyly… Should we use [the umbrella] together?”

To demonstrate the lyrics of the song, Umji grabbed Yerin and Yuju’s arms and raised them up.

Unfortunately, she grabbed Yerin’s sweater a bit too low and exposed Yerin’s abdomen.

When Umji saw what almost happened, she quickly apologized for her mistake.

Luckily, Yerin was able to prevent a wardrobe malfunction with some quick thinking!