GFRIEND’s Umji Reveals How She Feels About Her Stage Name

Umji could have been called something far worse.

GFRIEND appeared on the July 4th radio broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s Cultwo Show.

The group surprisingly introduced themselves using their real names, Kim So Jung (Sowon), Jung Ye Rin (Yerin), Jung Eun Bi (Eunha), Choi Yu Na (Yuju), Hwang Eun Bi (SinB) and Kim Ye Won (Umji).

Yuju commented on how awkward she felt using her real name which prompted Umji to talk about how she felt when her company gave her, her stage name.

My real name is Kim Ye Won. I initially disliked the stage name Umji so there was a time I thought it would be nice if I promoted with a different name. I like it now, though.

– Umji

She then continued to reveal some of the funny alternate names that she had come up with.

I disliked it so much that I tried to think of other names. When I think about them now, however, it’s funny. There were names like Yeon Doo and Ah Rang.

– Umji

Umji and GFRIEND are currently promoting their seventh mini-album FEVER SEASON.