These GIFs Of IZ*ONE’s Sakura While She Was Promoting In Japan Proves She Was Always A Visual

She’s been beautiful ever since!

Before Sakura debuted with IZ*ONE, she debuted in 2011 as a member of the AKB48 family. A member of their sister group, HKT48, she promoted in Japan for over seven years before heading to South Korea.


Many netizens have said that she became prettier when she came to Korea, as she Korean make-up and clothes seem to suit her better. These GIFs, however, will prove that she was always pretty and that Japanese style suits her just as well as Korean styles!


In Korea, Sakura has been able to show off numerous concepts, which netizens loved. Still, many agree that the innocent, angelic concept she sported with HKT48 suits her well and makes her look like a living doll! Many also agree that due to the concepts, she looked more youthful while promoting in Japan.


While she definitely blossomed and matured in Korea, she was also a gorgeous visual even back when she was active as an idol in Japan, and that she suits both styles effortlessly!

Source: TheQoo