Giriboy confirms his Twitter was hacked

On February 6th, rapper Giriboy confirmed suspicions that his Twitter account was hacked, and he did not intentionally retweet naked pictures of a Korean woman. 

Fans and followers of the rapper were skeptical as to whether or he had intentionally shared the explicit photos when he retweeted them on February 5th.

The original tweet featured a woman blatantly posing naked against a black background and included a caption that read “Follow me everyday! Love you.” The photos were retweeted by Giriboy’s Twitter account without any comment of his own.

Fans of the rapper quickly defended him and came to the conclusion that he was hacked, with some mentioning that the same thing had happened to LC9’s JHYO and Sunny Day’s Sunkyung in the past. Giriboy finally broke his silence the next day by tweeting a simple “Hacking ㅜ ㅜ” to let everyone know that he did not retweet the photos himself.

Meanwhile, the rapper has recently released a track with Mad Clown, Jooyoung, and his NO.MERCY trainee team titled “Young.”