Giriboy releases comedic MV teaser for “Back And Forth 30min” ft. Shin Jisu

With just hours to go before the release of his latest music video “Back And Forth 30min,” rapper Giriboy released a short teaser video for the track. In contrast to the dark and graceful pre-release track “Take Care of You,” Giriboy’s upcoming music video for “Back And Forth 30min” appears a lot more lighthearted and rather comedic.

The video for the song, which will feature Shin Jisu, features a crane game, the rapper fishing money out of a toilet, and other short interesting scenes. With a slew of short and comedic scenes, the song itself appears to match the mood of a more relaxed and playful tone.

Fans have already started leaving their messages of excitement for the release, posting comments such as, “I CANT WAIT!“, “Yayyy Giriboy is back~ “, and “So excited ~~~“.

“Back and Forth 30min” will be released later today on March 17th at noon KST.