Giriboy releases official MV for “Back And Forth 30min”

Following the release of an MV teaser, the official music video for “Back And Forth 30min” by Giriboy feat. Shin Jisu has been released.

After releasing a rather dark, yet graceful music video for the song “Take Care of You”, “Back And Forth 30min” is a more fun and lively change of scenery.

In the video, scenes like a crane machine game and a table that stretches Giriboy away from featured singer Shin Jisu, make for a very comedic and enjoyable watch. The lyrics talk about how a man wants to be with a woman, but she can’t make up her mind and it drives the guy crazy.

Comments from fans were positive, a few of them comparing Giriboy’s appearance to G-Dragon: “Am i the only one who thinks Giriboy looks like GD with those glasses“, “He’s giving me GD feels! ^_^ The song, the look even the video…Am i the only one?“, “Giriboy never fail to make a good song♡♡♡“, and “Love the visual of this video!