Girl group Year 7 Class 1 cheer “Farewell Fighting” in new MV

Rookie girl group, Year 7 Class 1, cheer “Farewell Fighting” in their new music video!On November 7th, CJ E&M Music uploaded Year 7 Class 1’s music video for “Farewell Fighting”. Using whistles in the beginning, the girls get pepped up as they begin their lively song. Dressed in girl scout uniforms, with matching berets and white knee high boots, the members each have solo shots of themselves singing, emphasizing the lyrics with grand hand gestures and cute facial expressions. Their natural aegyo and smiles shine throughout this energy-filled music video. Here, they are seen jumping and dancing in various school settings, including the band and classrooms, where two balloons (showing the numbers 7 and 1) are consistently seen.

Year 7 Class 1 is signed under Daeun Byeol Entertainment. Comprising of members MinjooEunsilYirangBitnaYoohwaSojung and leader Sehee, this rookie girl group debuted with “Oppa Virus” earlier this year.

Their single Farewell Fighting was released today, on November 7th.