Girl’s Day opens group Instagram account

In addition to each members’ individual Instagram accounts, Dream Tea Entertainment girl group Girl’s Day recently opened up a group account on the social networking service. 

Of the four members of Girl’s Day, three members already have personal Instagram accounts. However, unlike their personal accounts, the shared group account focuses less on the individual activities and personal lives of the members and is geared more toward showing fans behind the scenes of their sets.

So far, the account has posted about 25 videos and photos, all from the filming of their “Female President” music video. Although the group isn’t revealing anything in regards of their impending comeback or member Minah‘s solo debut, fans are still happy to see more photos and videos of Girl’s Day.

The photos and videos shared by the group’s shared account have been excellent in quality, and fans are definitely excited that the group decided to open the account. So far, the account only has a little over 3,000 followers, but that number is sure to increase dramatically. Make sure to check out the shared Instagram account @girlsdayphoto!

Check out some of the incredible photos below!

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#걸스데이 #girlsday #여자대통령 #뮤비촬영 #소진

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