[★VIDEO] Girl’s Day reveals their dorm on “One Fine Day”

The first episode of Girl’s Day‘s One Fine Day season aired on August 3rd where the girls showed off their dorms to the public.

During the first episode, One Fine Day captured Girl’s Day’s travel to Japan where they spent four night and five days in Okinawa. The show also captured them in the dorm that they share as they packed up for their Japan-stay.

Minah showed off the essential toiletries and perfumes that she packs on her trips, unable to conceal the excitement on her upcoming trip, and was seen playing with the camera assigned to her by the production team, putting on sunglasses to entertain viewers.

Members Hyeri, Yura, and Sojin were spotted together preparing the essentials for their trip, their dorky sides coming out as they played with the camera. Hyeri even places a phone charger up her nose for laughs.

One Fine Day is the first reality program that Girl’s Day has taken a part of in five years.

Source: My Daily