Girl’s Day Sojin Shows Off What Fans Call Her “Sexiest Dance Move”

A short video clip of Girl’s Day Sojin has caught the attention of fans. She can be seen performing what is allegedly her sexiest dance move ever.

Girl’s Day is renowned for their multi faceted charms but it’s impossible to discuss Girl’s Day without talking about how sexy they are, especially when it comes to Sojin. While the individual members have their own unique charms, Sojin is considered to have a fierce and wild side that seizes fans attention on stage. Her sexy and charismatic aura keeps fans’ jaws dropped, especially when she is performing some of her hottest moves such as this one.

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Although we haven’t seen much of Girl’s Day recently besides their member Hyeri we certainly miss them as a group and if the popularity of this video says anything, many Girl’s Day fans out there are eagerly waiting for their next comeback.