Girl’s Day Yura showcases her charm as she tries to imitate Wheesung’s voice

As Girl’s Day‘s Yura appeared on MBC‘s World Changing Quiz Show with Sojin, Yura showcased her charms as she tried to imitate Wheesung‘s vocals.

Aired on August 31st, as comedian Jo Se Ho first revealed his imitation of Wheesung’s vocals, an MC continued as he asked Yura to try to imitate Wheesung’s voice as well. As Yura quickly showcased her charming and fun imitation of Wheesung, she continued, saying, “I’m sorry,” causing others to burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day held a comeback on July 6th as they released the music video for “Ring My Bell.” Although the four-member group recently finished promotions for “Ring My Bell,” the girl group will now be focusing on individual activities.