Girl’s Day’s Hyeri eats up all of Kang Haneul’s noodles in new Nongshim CF

Girls’ Day’s Hyeri and baby-faced actor Kang Haneul have paired up in a cute 30-second CF for Nongshim’s Neoguri noodles!

The CF starts off with a handsome Kang Haneul decked out in a red sweater, all ready to devour his bowl of steaming Neoguri noodles, when he gets interrupted by the doorbell. As he walks away, Hyeri, rocking a raccoon costume, sneakily helps herself to his noodles, running away when he comes back. They play this game of hiding and seeking one more time, before the CF ends with a confused Kang Haneul with his empty bowl, and Hyeri performing her famous aegyo on him.

The couple really makes a big impression as a strong visual couple, even with Kang Haneul’s sweater looking like something Professor Mcgonagall ‘s tartan hat. Check out the CF down below if you haven’t already done so!