Girl’s Day’s Minah gives fans a preview of solo debut with MelOn Music Interview

With just one day to go before the release of her solo debut album I Am a Woman Too, Girl’s Day‘s Minah took fans behind the scenes for a short preview with MelOn Music Interview.

Wearing a classy red blazer, the Girl’s Day member used her MelOn Music Interview to give fans a sneak preview of her solo debut. From a scene with a gas-filled tank to a dance in an old run-down building, Minah’s upcoming music video is definitely a lot different from what we usually see from her.

With the track prominently featured in the video, fans are given a good preview of the track, which shares a title with her album. From the rather larger snippet included in the video, the song appears to utilize Minah’s powerful voice and wide range very well, creating a fun and catchy track.

In addition to a lot of training and practice by Minah, the video shows that a lot of different staff members also put a lot of effort into creating the singer’s upcoming music video. Minah’s solo debut album I Am a Woman Too is set to be released on March 15th.

For now, you can check out Minah’s MelOn Music Interview below for a preview of the song and music video!

Melon music interview(Minah_I am a woman too)멜론 뮤직 인터뷰 (#민아 #나도여자예요)

Posted by Girls Day on Saturday, March 14, 2015