Girl’s Day’s Minah joins Instagram with cool selca

It seems that Girl’s Day‘s Minah is the latest idol to join the Instagram craze by opening up an account on November 27th. Minah followed in the footsteps of fellow members Sojin and Hyeri and started an Instagram account. Her first post was a picture of herself while smirking and throwing up the V sign with the caption, “Let me try this once too hehe.

Following that, she posted two videos in which everyone seems to hide from the camera except for Hyeri. The first video shows a beautiful Hyeri lounging and checking her phone and their manager who unsuccessfully tries to hide from the camera. The second video shows the idol comparing her hand to a humongous bowl of curry udon and again as she shows her dinner mates, they hide their faces from the camera.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Minah was featured in Damiano‘s title track “Skyfall.”

Check out Minah’s first posts below and don’t forget to follow her at bbang_93!