Girl’s Day’s Minah shows off her feminine wiles in “I Am A Woman Too”

After teasing fans with several concept photos, a couple of short interviews, and a video teaser just hours before her release, Girl’s Day’s Minah finally released the music video for her solo debut track “I Am A Woman Too.”

Known for her cute looks and being the main vocals for the wildly popular Dream Tea Entertainment girl group Girl’s Day, Minah showed fans that she also has the abilities to charm everyone with her mature feminine side as well with her solo debut music video.

Minah takes center stage in the music video, showing off her mature beauty with a variety of beautiful outfits and a sexy dance that even features body rolls. With a catchy chorus and Minah’s signature vocals, “I Am A Woman Too” is a fun track that fans will definitely enjoy.

Make sure to check out Minah’s solo debut track “I Am A Woman Too” below!