[★VIDEO] Girl’s Day’s Yura makes hilarious transformation into Jung Jun Ha during “Darling” performance

Girl’s Day’s Yura and Hyeri were joined by Kim So Hyun and Hong Jin Young for a performance of the girl group’s hit track “Darling” for the recent 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards, when Yura made a shocking transformation on stage.

Dancing and performing to a pre-recorded track of “Darling,” Kim So Hyun makes a wonderful impression as performers on stage despite it not being her profession. Hong Jin Young puts on her cute and likable charm, putting aside her trot singing for a more pop track.

Mid-performance, Yura is seen waving the audience goodbye as she steps through a mysterious doorway, only to have comedian Jung Jun Ha reappear as a transformed version of the female singer with matching stage costume.

His sudden appearance made audience reel in laughter, and shots of his co-workers at MBC are shown as they look on with shock and confusion.

To congratulate him as a new member of Girl’s Day, Park Myung Soo is seen going on stage and shoving flowers in his friend’s face, who jokingly grabbed and threw the bouquet at the exiting Park Myung Soo.