Girl’s Day’s Yura shares breathtaking selca from Venice, Italy

On April 20th, Girl’s Day Yura posted on her Instagram a selca of herself in Venice (Venetia), Italy. 

According to OSEN, who also reported on her Instagram photo in the beautiful historic city, described the photo in detail with Yura staring straight at the camera while covering her face as she leaned on the railing overlooking the terrace. The background is also the night view of Venice. In particular, she grabs the viewer’s attention by showing off her doll-like look to further enhance her attractiveness.

A few comments from netizens were also posted, from “Yura is getting more pretty everyday!” to “She is a model celebrity.” There was also a variety of reactions on her photo, one of them being “The background sucks.”

Recently, Yura appeared in JTBC‘s I’m Going To School. She also recently wrapped up filming for We Got Married.

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