Girls’ Generation narrowly avoids serious injury after stage malfunction at SMTOWN practice

The artists of SMTOWN went through a practice run of their Taiwan concert, which was not without incident as members of Girls’ Generation narrowly avoided injury.

In a fancam recently shared of SMTOWN’s practice concert held on March 20th, Girls’ Generation’s stage incident was filmed.

Holding their practice stage for the track “Kissing You,” Girls’ Generation made their way to the side stages and to a stage car that would then drive the group to the front and center stage. However, the stage car — presumably holding members Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany — came into trouble as it attempted to right itself so that its side connected to the front-centerstage, allowing the three members to step off. A staff member can be seen walking up to the stage car to give the driver instructions on how to right itself.

Backing up a bit abruptly, the stage car hit the tarp near the front-center stage causing its wheels to be wrapped up in it. The sudden action caught Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany off-guard as they braced themselves against the rails. Unfortunately, Seohyun was unable to brace herself and fell hard on the ground, Hyoyeon turning to help her up soon afterwards.

SMTOWN is holding their Taiwan concert on March 21st, which will unfortunately not include a few artists whose individual schedules came into conflict with the event.