Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet show some senior-junior love during encore stage on “Music Bank”

Girls’ Generation continues their winning streak on Music Bank as they take home their triple crown for “Lion Heart”!

On September 11th, Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” went up against SG Wannabe‘s “Love,” taking the lead with 8,235 points over 3,603 points.

Yuri spoke for the group, saying, “Thank you! To SONEs, thank you very very much. To SM Entertainment, staff members, stylists, thank you so so much. And also, SONEs, you’re jjang!”

For the encore, Red Velvet rushed towards their seniors to congratulate them on their 11th win, joining them with a dance and singing along to “Lion Heart.” The loving relationship between the senior and rookie girl group who are both under SM Entertainment can be seen through their happy interaction on stage.

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!

Source: My Daily