[★TRENDING] Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s rendition of “Jack” gains attention from the original singer

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun‘s cover of  “Jack” has captured the attention of original singer Pixie Lott.

On June 19th, English singer Pixie Lott retweeted a fan’s tweet and adding on an emoticon with eyes as hearts as a reply while mentioning the song’s producer Peter Zizzo. It seems like Seohyun’s cover of the song has impressed not only fans, but also the original singer as she tweets and shares Seohyun’s cover through her public social media account.

The cover of “Jack” by Seohyun was aired on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook in 2012 as Girls’ Generation – TTS promoted for their debut album “Twinkle.” Members Taeyeon and Tiffany had also performed “Take a Bow” and “Rolling in the Deep” respectively for their solo performances.

Fan’s commented “I’d like to see you two on stage some day!” “Seohyun is really amazing!” and more, showing their excitement for Seohyun as her talents are noticed by foreign aartists

Meanwhile, Seohyun and her fellow members are gearing up for a Korean comeback that is expected to occur no later than July. The group is also will also be hosting their own fashion and style reality show as part of their comeback via OnStyle.

Check out Seohyun’s rendition of “Jack” below!