Girl’s Generation’s best looks from 2017 Seoul Fashion Week

Girl’s Generation came to 2017 Hera Seoul Fashion Week ready to stun in some of their most beautiful outfits yet. 

Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are Girl’s Generations well-known fashionistas. From jean suits to deconstructed black dresses to a chic all-white ensemble each of them came with a bold look.

At 2017 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week each was able to show off their individual fashion styles. By supporting their favorite designers they came in outfits that suited their personal styles to a T.

Check out each of the girl’s best looks from the week.


Seohyun has been morphing from maknae to elegant and stylish soloist this year. Her maturing fashion sense has definitely made her a person to watch at Seoul Fashion Week.

Seohyun on her way to the Miss Gee Collection show.

This white outfit is extremely chic and timeless on Seohyun.

In contrast, her dress for the Resurrection show was sexy and mysterious.

No matter what she looked stunning.


Sooyoung has been seen at fashion shows all around the world and even has her own line, “Beaming Effect”. She is a savvy business woman who knows all about how to dress. No matter what she has on, she always looks like she owns the room.

Sooyoung attending the iconic PUSHBUTTON X Line Friends collaboration.

Sooyoung’s confidence make this Canadian suit hipster and fun.

Sooyoung has a dynamic fashion style which was apparent in her contrasting outfit for the Jain Song show. This charming dress made her look like a princess.


Hyoyeon has been serving looks since Girl’s Generation’s earliest days. Her knowledge of the industry has lead to her participation in many fashion related events and shows. It’s no wonder Hyoyeon’s flashy green outfits this year have been the talk of the town.

Imagine being able to pull off an outfit with so many colors like Hyoyeon can.

Green is for sure her color.

Giving fashion week some love.

This stunning outfit effortlessly combines multiple trends from fishnet tights to bright colors.


Tiffany’s style is a versatile deck of cards. During the week she went from showing off a glamourous-old-Hollywood style dress to a bright pink outer and skirt ensemble.

Her glamorous aura makes every outfit stand out and gives an American touch.

Sporting looks from the K.Y.E. collection to support Kathleen Kye with Hyoyeon.

Retro Tiffany is iconic.

Her jewelry is always on point.

Tiffany can rock anything.

Tiffany’s classy and glamorous dress.