Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany attempts to dress up as a bunny for Halloween

Keeping with the Halloween spirit, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany shared her costume for this year via her Instagram on October 30th with her fans and followers.

She writes, “#Tiffany version 2014 * attempting to be a scary bunny. #FAIL #HALLOWEEN #TIFFBUNNY.”

#팊바니 version 2014 * attempting to be a scary bunny. #FAIL #HALLOWEEN #TIFFBUNNY

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With disheveled hair, Tiffany looks towards the camera with her adorable big eyes, head resting on her hand, as she wears a giant bunny eared hoody. Despite her “failed” attempt at transforming into a bunny this year, fans nevertheless left encouraging messages for her and praising her beauty.

Meanwhile, Tiffany recently completed her promotions as TaeTiSeo, and also took part of the recent SMTOWN concerts held in Japan and Shanghai.

Source: Ilgan Sports