Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany gets a special moment with Victoria Beckham

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany gets her hosting skills to an impressive feat and even received a special thank you message from celebrity and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham. 

On March 21st, Tiffany attended and hosted for the event for My Theresa where she had the chance to introduce Victoria Beckham. Despite acting professionally at the event, Tiffany was photographed seemingly amazed of the opportunity to join the celebrity and fashion designer on the same stage.

The two even managed to capture much interest from their followers through their respective Instagram accounts with updates such as “#SpiceGeneration,” “All smiles in@victoriabeckham ? #VVBxmytheresa” and more.

Victoria Beckham also showered Tiffany with praise through her Twitter update saying, “Made so many new friends in Seoul tonight. Thank u #TiffanyHwang for introducing me to everyone x vb #VVBxmytheresa.” 

Victori Beckham was a guest for an event by My Theresa in celebration of Seoul Fashion Week.