[★BREAKING] Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany reportedly dating rapper GRAY

SM Entertainment has issued a statement following reports that Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is dating AOMG rapper and producer, GRAY

On January 29th, a number of media establishments reported that Tiffany and GRAY have been enjoying a beautiful relationship for the past three months. According to the initial reports, the two artists first met while working on their respective solo album releases, specifically with Tiffany working with Cha Cha Malone and other AOMG affiliated producers while preparing for her solo album. As the meetings continued, the two eventually grew naturally close and became even closer with their music.

However, as the reports were published, SM Entertainment were quick to release a statement and denied the rumours. The agency stated that Tiffany and GRAY are simply close, defending Tiffany from previous reports that due to her easygoing personality and her American upbringing, the singer remains openminded when it comes to skinship.

The statement refuted previous insider statements that the couple looked like any ordinary couple in their twenties who are not conscious of their affections in public.

If true, this will be Tiffany’s first public relationship since her break-up with 2PM’s Nichkhun back in May last year.

Source: DailySports and TVReport