Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany says she wishes 2015 is less dynamic than 2014

Girls’ Generation recently appeared on an episode of KBS’ Entertainment Weekly, where together, reminisced on some exciting past events as well as shared wishes for the future.

During the January 31st episode, Girls’ Generation reminisced on the popular Infinite Challenge “TOTOGA” episode, which member Seohyun was able to take part of, taking the place of member S.E.S’ Eugene, who was in the middle of her pregnancy at the time. Seohyun said, “It still seems like a dream. I was so happy.”

The conversation was then taken to Taeyeon’s recent stage accident, which occurred at the 24th Golden Disk Awards, to which she reassured, “I didn’t hurt my feet, just my back. But I’m okay. I visited the hospital.”

The MC then proceeded to ask Yoona about her recent Chinese drama filming, set to be released in August 2015. She shared, “We [the staff and she] became close quickly, we’re getting along very well.”

On the other hand, Tiffany shared her thoughts for this year, saying, “2014 was a very dynamic year. This year, I wish it to be less dynamic. I wish for good music.”

Meanwhile, Seohyun further confirmed on this episode of Entertainment Weekly that Girls’ Generation’s is preparing their next album. She tells viewers, “Everyone, Girls’ Generation is currently working hard on our next album for 2015, so please look forward to it. Please continue to give us a lot of love. We are Girls’ Generation”!

Source: Newsen