Girls involved in recent B1A4 controversy in Malaysia under investigation and may be jailed up to 6 months

As issues regarding the recent controversy at the Let’s Fly with B1A4 fan-meet in Kuala Lumpur have been growing stronger, religious officials in Malaysia are summoning the three young, tudung-clad women involved in the incident to come forward and participate in an investigation.

On January 12th, director Paimuzi Yahya of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) made an announcement regarding the three Malaysian women who were seen being hugged and sharing friendly skinship with the B1A4 members during a fan-event game called, “Imitating famous moments in K-Dramas.

The director said that the actions of the young women and B1A4 members were extreme and against Islamic teachings, bringing dishonor, shame, and anger to the Muslim community.

The JAWI further announced the summoning of the three Muslim-Malaysian women to come forward and assist in a new investigation that was opened under Section 29 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act 1977 (Act 599 Indecent Acts in Public Places).

Director Paimuzi also explained that the aforementioned Act pertains to people who have behaved in violation of, or has shown indecent behavior of Islamic law in a public area, with fines that can reach up to 1,000 Malaysian Ringgit (RM), six months of jail time, or both.

Furthermore, B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment released an official statement regarding the issue, stating, “The event took place after consent from those who participated,” and, “We understand that it could be perceived in such a way from certain perspectives and from now on we will take cultural differences into careful consideration in order to provide a more global fan-meet that all fans from different cultures can enjoy.”

Source: The Star