Girl’s Day Sojin amazes as the “Red Fox” with rap and vocals on “King of Masked Singer”

Following elimination from the recent episode of The King of Masked Singer, the face of the Red Fox was revealed…and viewers are super shocked!

On the May 17th episode of the popular MBC show, the Red Fox was eliminated after in the first round following her duet with the male masked singer Dance With Wolf singing “Like Rain and Music,” the score 42-57.

Singing the song “Caution” originally by duo Tashannie (Anna Lee and Yoon Mi Rae), she took her mask off and revealed herself to be Girl’s Day‘s one and only Sojin!

Both the panel of the show, the audience, and netizens were simply shocked with Sojin’s ability to rap and her vocals as well, something that is not highlighted during her promotions with Girl’s Day.

Yoon Il Sang praised her on her excellent vocal skills, revealing she has a very unique tone.

[+1400, -96] I’m so surprised at Sojin’s rap ㅋㅋㅋ

[+976, -66] Today, a lot of the singers surprised us. It was by far the hardest “King of Masked Singer” to guess so far. SangAmDong Whistle is Block B’s Taeil, CBR Cleopatra is Kim Yeon Woo, and the first woman (맨처음여자/High Frequency Pair Feelers) is Ailee? Everyone sang really well.

[+959, -167] I’m a Girl’s Day fan and I didn’t know she sang so well…really jjang.

[+729, -127] She’s pretty good ㅎㅎ

Source: OSEN