Goo Hara continuously eats in third video teaser of “ON&OFF: The Gossip”

With less than a week left until the premiere of her solo reality shot, the third video teaser for KARA Goo Hara’s ON&OFF: The Gossip was released on December 24th at midnight KST.

Various scenes of Goo Hara is shown in a brief period time, continuously eating as if she was shooting a mokbang, someone who records themselves eating to share online or an eating broadcast. Despite having a pretty and slim figure, Goo Hara no doubt loves to eat.

ON&OFF will focus on the different sides of Goo Hara that fans cannot normally see on a regular basis, including the celebrity and the normal girl.

In previous teasers, Goo Hara has shed tears, as well as enjoyed time with her friend Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls.