Goo Hara explains the reasons behind her solo debut on #hashtag

After Goo Hara held her solo debut and released the music video for “Choco Chip Cookies,” she appeared on 1theK‘s #hashtag on July 15th where she revealed why she wanted to debut as a soloist, and more. 

During the brief interview, the vocalist was asked why she decided to make a solo mini-album, and in response she said, “I wanted to do something in my own color, for my own music.” She continued to reveal that her mini-album ALOHARA includes more than one concept such as cute and sexy.

Goo Hara released the music video for “Choco Chip Cookies” on July 14th along with her first mini-album. ALOHARA incorporates six tracks which are “How Is It?,” “Choco Chip Cookies,” “La La La,” “HARAGU,” “Rainy Day,” and the instrumental version of “Choco Chip Cookies.”