Goo Hara gets flirty in sweet MV teaser for “Choco Chip Cookies”

After Goo Hara released the album teaser for her upcoming solo album ALOHARA, she released the music video teaser for her the track “Choco Chip Cookies” on July 11th.

While the bright and upbeat track can be heard, the teaser revealed Goo Hara happy in love as she and the male lead seem to be enjoying a day out in the sun. The teaser continued as it revealed the vocalist eating snacks, dancing on the beach, while also enjoying the sunset view with the male lead.

Since the release of the first album teaser, Goo Hara has been getting compared to Lee Hyori‘s music video for “10 Minutes” after it was spotted shared similarities while both “ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)” and “10 Minutes” are both hip-hop tracks.

Meanwhile, Goo Hara is set to release ALOHARA on July 14th.