Goofy IOI Member Nicknames Revealed On Recent Episode Of “SNL Korea”

On the latest airing of SNL Korea 7, the girls of I.O.I made a guest appearance on the show where they unveiled their unique and individual member greetings to viewers.

Idol groups have unique greetings when taking the stage (i.e. “We’re B.A.P, yes sir! Hello we’re B.A.P,” “Everyday Girl’s Day! Hello we’re Girl’s Day”) which has extended to individual members as well with short descriptions of themselves before revealing their names.

With I.O.I being one of the most anticipated girl groups to debut, recently having done so with their title track “Dream Girls,” this is the first time the group has greeted viewers and revealed their nicknames through introduction.

The episode aired on May 7th.

Image: SNL Korea 7 / tvN
Image: SNL Korea 7 / tvN

‘Emotionless/Buddha Statue’ Nayoung
‘Penguin’ Sohye
‘Joo Jae Duk’ Jieqiong
‘Daeng (Clueless)’ Chaeyeon
‘Vitamin’ Somi
‘Uncle’ Sejeong
‘Juice Girl’ Mina
‘Alcohol’ Chungha*
‘Wink Fairy’ Yoojung
‘Cider Vocal’ Yeonjung
‘Little Jun Ji Hyun’ Doyeon

* Chungha is the name of an alcohol drink brand.

Source: Instiz