This Gorgeous Teacher Went Viral For Her Looks, But That’s Not What’s Keeping Her Popular

Meet Kheny Soliva Berco. She’s an elementary school teacher from the Phillippines who’s going viral all over the world!

Kheny is best known for her stunning visuals, which helped her collect over 200,000 followers on Facebook.

But she’s also known for her love for unique pets.

Meet Kheny’s snake pet named Damien.

While others would run away from Damien in fright, she describes her pet as obedient and adorable!

She also revealed her plans to raise crocodiles and spiders!

Kheny has garnered fans for both her gorgeous visuals, as well as her unique love for all types of pets.

Besides her love for unique species, she has an adorable puppy.

And a baby kitty cat who’s fluffy fur can melt your heart!

She often showcases her dorky side through videos featuring her various pets!

A beautiful elementary school teacher who loves to raise snakes, crocodiles, and spiders…

She’s definitely a one in a million beauty!