GOT7 releases dance practice video for “Magnetic”

GOT7 has released their 3rd dance practice video as they celebrate their 3.5 million views milestone for their electronic dance track, “Stop Stop It.” 

On December 3rd, GOT7 released the dance practice video for “Magnetic,” where their heartbeat gestures were highlighted. The seven member group are shown happy in love as they are dressed in red and pink themed outfits with black and white accents. GOT7 showcased the theme of the song as they passionately danced as if they were performing this to their girlfriend.

Previously, GOT7 revealed their charming choreography as they released the first dance practice video for their title track on November 24th. After which, an additional dance practice video for “Stop Stop It,” known as the “crazy boyfriend version was released as it reached 2.5 million views.