GOT7 releases dance practice video for “Hard Carry”

As GOT7 is currently promoting their newest song, “Hard Carry“, the dance practice video has been released as a treat for their fans!

This was unconventionally filmed in an abandoned room; typically idols release dance practice videos from their actual practice rooms. The bare white walls allow viewers to focus on the members and the choreography.

As the members danced in a barren room while decked out in plain black clothing, this video gives off an urban street aesthetic, which matches well with their current concept. GOT7 presented a more rough hip hop image for this comeback, as marked by their aggressive choreography and music.

GOT7 has been known to provide multiple versions of their dance practices, so be on the lookout for the new releases! You can check out the video below, which impressively reached over 500,000 views in one day.