GOT7 teases fans with album spoiler for “MAD” comeback

With GOT7‘s comeback date approaching, JYP Entertainment has teased fans once again with audio spoilers for their upcoming mini-album MAD

After revealing individual and group image and video teasers, on September 26th, GOT7 released a short preview of their songs for the new mini-album. This time fellow members Mark and Jackson also took part in coming up with the rap portions for “Tic Tic Tok,” “Good,” and “Eyes On You.” MAD will contain a total of 6 songs, and GOT7 will be promoting with their title track “If You Do” starting September 29th.

Taking on a darker concept for their return, the boys will kick off promotions with their first stage on September 29th. Their music video for “If You Do” and the online album is expected to release on the same day as well with the physical album being released on September 30th.

Listen to their album audio teaser below!